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Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage


Having trained in advanced pregnancy massage techniques and having two children of my own, allows me to fully understand the highs and lows of pregnancy.  You can feel on top of the world and're growing a human after all, but you can also have all the normal aches and pains that sometimes accompany pregnancy.  You will be side lying, fully supported with pillows and bolsters during your massage.  Massage during pregnancy and post natally, is immensely beneficial, calming your mind and nurturing your body at this amazing time in your life releases all those feel good hormones you keep hearing about.  Add in some maternity reflexology for an extra boost of ahhhhhhhhh.  See our Blissful Bump packages that are a permanent promotion I run just for you, because, you know, you're keeping the worlds population going.  That deserves a discount right?

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