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Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology


Reflexology is such a lovely treatment.  It perfectly brings your body into a state of calm and balance.  Working on the premise that your feet are a map of body, reflexology can indicate subtle blockages in the meridian lines of the body.  Releasing those blockages can help enhance relaxation and soothe your nervous system.  If massage is not your thing, try reflexology.

Maternity reflexology is a fantastic treatment on it's own or as an add on to a pregnancy massage. Just to let you know, maternity reflexology CANNOT induce you.  It's a really common myth that it can 'get you going'. It can't, your body doesn't work that way.  It can just be a happy and relief filled coincidence if you do go into labour shortly after your treatment. It can however, relax you immensely and get some oxytocin flowing and that's always a good thing.

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