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Meet the Team

Suki Chung - Massage Therapist

Insta: blissful_thinking88

My name is Suki Chung, and I started Blissful Thinking over fifteen years ago. My ethos regarding massage has always been to keep massage as affordable as I can, as I believe everyone should have access to it. The benefits are numerous, and everyone's body could do with a little TLC. After taking a massage course at a local adult education centre (not ever thinking it would turn into a career), I caught the massage bug. I then proceeded to qualify in new treatments every year, adding strings to my bow and increasing my knowledge and techniques. As a mum myself, I know how hard it is to juggle work, life, kids and extended family.


I completed the BTEC level 6 professional diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage in 2018 and obtained a distinction (I just thought I'd throw that in there!) Level 6 is the highest qualification you can receive in massage in the UK. It's been tough, but my knowledge and skill set have skyrocketed. I get absolute joy helping people get out of pain, its so fulfilling to have a job where you make a difference in someone's daily life. I do this with current, up-to-date techniques, good products, a sense of humour. Plus my all-important tools, 'my magic hands'. I'm very fortunate to have a job that I love so much.  I train in something new every year to ensure I keep up to date and current with my techniques. I'll never stop learning. I love it.

Rebekah Douglas-Bagley - Massage Therapist

Insta: _moonawakening

Rebekah is a skilled massage therapist trained in a fusion of Eastern and Western massage techniques which enables her to provide comprehensive care to her clients. Drawing from her in depth training, she incorporates modalities such as myofascial release and acupressure points into her practice, ensuring a tailored approach to each individual's needs.


Beyond her technical expertise, Rebekah is known for her compassionate demeanour and dedication to creating a nurturing environment for her clients. She prioritises establishing a safe and secure space, allowing individuals to fully relax and engage in their healing journey.


In addition to her massage therapy skills, Rebekah is a certified Reiki energy healer. She approaches her work with a deep understanding of the body's innate ability to heal, serving as a conduit for facilitating this process from within her clients.


With Rebekah's guidance, clients not only experience physical relief but also a profound sense of restoration and balance. Her holistic approach to wellness underscores her commitment to empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being.


I just wanted to drop a quick note to express how thrilled I am to be joining the Blissful Thinking team! Working alongside Suki in her beautifully serene space is something I've been eagerly anticipating. Can't wait to bring my skills and energy to the table and contribute to our shared vision of wellness and relaxation. Here's to a wonderful journey ahead!

Hannah Hampson - Massage Therapist

Insta: dollylama_massage


Hannah has been working as a therapist for nearly 6 years - she trained as a massage therapist in Melbourne, Australia gaining the equivalent of a Level 4 diploma.  She gained her practical experience alongside Thai, Balinese and Shiatsu practitioners and has developed her own unique, dynamic style. Hannah has also been using the ancient technique of fire-cupping for over 4years.  Hannah has a background in mental health and is currently studying an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience.  "I am fascinated by the effect that massage, therapeutic touch and intuitive movement can have in such a short space of time. It is wonderful to see techniques in neuroscience giving us scientific evidence to prove the benefits of somatic and alternative therapies."   Hannah has recently completed a Maya Abdominal Massage course in Guatemala, working closely with Maya midwives to gain knowledge of how deep and nourishing work in the abdomen can help us release stored trauma, improving our health and equilibrium. Hannah specialises in pregnancy massage and after healing from her own personal experience has developed nurturing treatments with focus on grief and loss.


"I am so excited to have joined Suki's team at Blissful - the environment she has created is instantly healing and truly collaborative."

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