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60 or 90 minutes

Take a well deserved break with my signature massage.  It's a multi-modal, outcome-based combination of clinical massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.  I combine the most popular elements of these modalities as well scientific brain tricks to help switch your brain off.  This massage is over a decade in the making, giving you a bespoke treatment that gives you the best possible outcome.  Will your massage be the same the second time you come back?Probably not, as your pain patterns change, so will your massage.  I may try new things, add in some cupping, try some hot stones, more stretching, less trigger point work.  Who knows?  Your body will tell me what you need.

As your pain has probably built up over months or years, you can't expect to feel better and be 'fixed' in one session.  If you want real, long term results, you'll need to commit to 3-6 weeks of weekly treatments if you genuinely want to feel better.  Massage can help with a myriad of issues such as lower back pain, knee issues, plantar fasciitis, neck and shoulder problems, migraines and headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, bruxism (that's grinding your teeth to you and me) TMJ pain and so much more.



60 minutes

Reflexology is such a lovely treatment.  It perfectly brings your body into a state of calm and balance.  Working on the premise that your feet are a map of body, reflexology can indicate subtle blockages in the meridian lines of the body.  Releasing those blockages can help enhance relaxation and soothe your nervous system.  If massage is not your thing, try reflexology.

Maternity reflexology is a fantastic treatment on it's own or as an add on to a pregnancy massage. Just to let you know, maternity reflexology CANNOT induce you.  It's a really common myth that it can 'get you going'. It can't, your body doesn't work that way.  It can just be a happy and relief filled coincidence if you do go into labour shortly after your treatment. It can however, relax you immensely and get some oxytocin flowing and that's always a good thing.



60 or 90 minutes

Having trained in advanced pregnancy massage techniques and having two children of my own, allows me to fully understand the highs and lows of pregnancy.  You can feel on top of the world and're growing a human after all, but you can also have all the normal aches and pains that sometimes accompany pregnancy.  You will be side lying, fully supported with pillows and bolsters during your massage. 

Massage during pregnancy and post natal, is immensely beneficial, calming your mind and nurturing your body at this amazing time in your life releases all those feel good hormones you keep hearing about.  Add in some maternity reflexology for an extra boost of ahhhhhhhhh.  See our Blissful Bump packages that are a permanent promotion I run just for you, because, you know, you're keeping the worlds population going.  That deserves a discount right?

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